The obligation of the “Business-gate registration”

The obligation of the “Business-gate registration”

Dear Partner,

We would like to take the opportunity and draw your attention to the obligation of the “Business-gate registration” affecting Hungarian business organizations.

As of the 1 January 2018 Hungarian business organizations shall via their Business-gate (in Hungarian: “Cégkapu”), similar to the existing Public Client Portal (in Hungarian: “Ügyfélkapu”), communicate electronically with the authorities, and will be able to send and receive official documents electronically, which will enable them to facilitate their administration without personal attendance, in a more convenient and effective way.

Based on Act CCXXII of 2015 on the General Rules of Electronic Administration and Trust Services (hereinafter: “E-Administration Act”) the registration shall be performed until the end of August 2017, however the act provides a preparation period until 31 December 2017, when the obligation of registration can be fulfilled without penalty.

The online registration site is available at the following link:

By the provisions of Government Decree No 451/2016. (XII.19) on the detailed rules of electronic administration the natural person entitled to the representation of the business organization shall be entitled to initialize the Business-gate registration on behalf and in the name of the business organization. The precondition of the identification of the representative, and therefore the registration, is that the person entitled to representation has access to the Public Client Portal, disposes of a new e-identity card or telephone identification. The person entitled to representation may authorize any other natural person (by an authorization complying at least with the formal criteria of a document with full probative force, and in case the signing thereof is carried out abroad, with due legalization) to execute the registration, if the authorized person disposes of an access to the Public Client Portal or can be identified by the Central Identification Agent service as set out above.

Should you have any questions in connection with the registration, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to be at your service in reaching compliance and other legal services as required.

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